one more baby

This video
gets me EVERY TIME. It’s honestly dangerous. Ben and I were SURE Jameson was the last kid during my pregnancy and his newborn-ship. LIKE 100% SURE because who can be sleep deprived for that long? I remember waking up to Jameson’s cries in the first few days totally disoriented, thinking he was Charlotte. I HAVE to get up and feed her now. Her? No. Him. The new baby. We have 2 babies now? It was a really rough few months.

Ben and I don’t have any immediate plans for more. In fact, Ben’s immediate/long term plan for kids is NO because he loves me and wants the crazy pregnant/postpartum lady that visits for almost 2 years to be permanently banished. Me? I’m coming out of the “baby fog” as I lovingly call it and because I’m crazy and time passes and they get bigger. Is there anything more selfish than wanting another baby because you don’t have tiny babies anymore? And then I hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me good people need to have more babies because we need more good people in the world (we’re kind of catholic like that). I look at my kids and think they are SO CUTE how could we not have more?? But then I remember how I haven’t really slept through the night except for like 2 nights in the past 2.5 years.

“have more of me, yeah?” says fresh-out-the-womb baby Jamesie. Photo cred xochlo

It’s a situation people.

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