my stitch fix review (maternity edition)


It’s here! I was so excited to receive this Stitch Fix so super early–it was supposed to be here by July 2nd, but shipped on June 27th. Always a great sign when trying out a new service.

And because I’m a nerd and I’m a sucker for aesthetics, here are pictures of exactly how the box arrived to me. It also answers some questions y’all might have about how the system works.

IMG_5461 IMG_5462

This element of personal touch really meant a lot to me. There’s a space for you to put all of your social media information if you choose to do so. I did, not really knowing for what it was going to be used. Turns out, my stylist used it to be able to see me and what my style usually is! I love that attention to detail. I also love how she spelled out for me how to use the pieces together. I need that kind of direction.

And for different pieces, there were these style cards–definitely something I appreciated! IMG_5464 IMG_5465

Here’s look number one, with the Rene C crochet top and the Dev Maxi Skirt.  IMG_5469 And here it is with the added Alan French Terry Zip Cardigan. IMG_5470 I honestly really liked the skirt and the top, but I especially LOVED the cardigan. The only difficult thing is that the cardi and top were both larges, since I told my stylist I usually wear mediums, but I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead with this pregancy, so I think she was trying to accommodate for that. While I appreciate that, these pieces were too expensive for me not to LOVE them right away, and for them not to be the right size for post-partum (I go back to medium pretty quickly, typically). The cardigan was my absolute favorite, but at $74.00 (it would be $54.00 with my $20.00 styling fee applied), it would definitely be a splurge right now (read: something we cannot afford).

The next piece was the Gili Braided Maxi Dress, also in large.

IMG_5472 IMG_5473

From the get-go, it was also too big. I’m in the process of emailing Stitch Fix to see if they can exchange it for a medium, since I feel like this would be a great dress for the baby shower and post-partum. You can check out Stitch Fix’s return and exchange policy here, since it was something I had to search for initially. The last piece was a necklace, that I absolutely adore. Kris Nation’s California Necklace. IMG_5474 The only problem with this is again, price ($42.00, $22.00 with styling fee applied) and also practicality. I religiously wear my family necklace, and rarely ever change it out for another one.

I was VERY satisfied with Stitch Fix, and because of some of the horror stories I had read about pregnant women attempting a box and being very dissatisfied, I wasn’t expecting miracles. I was extremely surprised. While the prices for all of the pieces aren’t what I would normally spend if I were to go out shopping for myself, I’m also not known for spending wisely on pieces either. In theory, I’d always rather spend good money on quality, well-made pieces, but almost always end up throwing clearance pieces from Target into my cart. In the long run, I think this is a very smart way to slowly build up a good wardrobe. I’ll definitely be using them again!

All opinions expressed here are my own. I was NOT compensated for this Stitch Fix review, I just like spreading the news when I find something I love!


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